Mind Institute offers assessment, treatment and support packages which are designed to meet the individual profile of strengths and needs of each child.

Mind Institute Nutritionist

Mind Institute’s nutritionist works collaboratively with all of our highly-qualified therapists, parents and caregivers to provide a holistic and nurturing approach to each of our clients. Our nutritionist will screen and monitor each child’s growth to ensure that factors such as eating habits, inability to self feed, long-term use of medications, frequency of infections, and other medical diagnoses do not negatively impact the child’s health and nutrition.

Each child is an individual that acquires skills, knowledge and understanding at  a different pace. Some children may need or benefit from more specialized help to maximize their development and learning potential. If you are concerned about your child’s development across one or more areas, Mind Institute is here.

In order to do this, Mind institute offers a wide range of therapy services. Our specialist therapy team works together to understand your child and design and deliver support tailored to your child’s specific needs to help him/her maximize their potential. This interdisciplinary (different therapy specialisms working together), responsive and child-centered approach enables our team to work towards helping your child in the most effective way.

Integration Program

Our Integration Program is directed towards children and adolescents who
experience difficulties in achieving their developmental milestones in Early Childhood Care Centers and Grade Schools. What ever the needs of your child may be, Mind Institute can help.

Every child has the ability to learn, but the way each child learns and how much knowledge they absorb will vary from child to child. Mind Institute can provide you and your child with the support and encouragement needed established self- confidence and a solid foundation for life-long success. We offer each child specific tools to work through the challenges of everyday life. Step by step, your child will become stronger, more focused, and resilient. Our integration program focuses heavily on establishing self awareness, emotional awareness, self confidence, self regulation, self control, adaptability, empathy, social skills, innovation, and trustworthiness.

Through our professional multidisciplinary team, and access to a combination of highly-qualified Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical therapists, Pediatric Psychologists and Special Educators all under one roof, we work on developing a plan tailored specifically to your child’s needs. We begin by helping you understand your child’s needs through key questions: is your child a visual Learner? Is your child an Auditory Learner? Is your child a Kinesthetic Learner? We also address your child’s school environment, working with the school and teacher to ensure that your child is getting the maximum benefits possible, paving the way for “Emotional Intelligence”. Through our pediatric specialists, we develop a “specific strategy” for your child, helping them succeed and reach their maximum social and academic potential at school. We ensure further success by offering your child a Shadow Teacher, who will be uniquely trained to implement the program.

Through our professional staff at Mind Institute, and by liaising with our sister school Little Academy Nursery and other grade schools in Qatar, we will create the perfect setting for your child to flourish and develop crucial skills needed for school enrollment across all levels– social, behavioral, and pre-academic. We will work collaboratively with you and your child to promote your child’s well being. We now know that children with difficulties can gain significantly from the language and social skills they observe in their typically-developing peers. Children will develop positive social/emotional skills and learn the use of appropriate behaviors to meet their own needs; allowing them to become more adaptive and independent through self-help skills.

Shadow Teacher


At Mind Institute, we work with a variety of learning difficulties and disabilities. We offer the professional service of assigning the right shadow teacher to your child, who together with our multidisciplinary team, provides the guidance and support your child needs to excel at school. We will help your child function independently and successfully in a regular school environment. Our Shadow Teacher functions as a personal coach and intervenes only when necessary. Our teachers are trained to enable your child to fully access the curriculum, participate in the classroom, and become integrated into the mainstream environment. This service will make a significant difference in your child’s performance at school,allowing him/her to receive the individualized attention they need to understand the lesson, participate in discussion, and attain the social skills to make and keep friends.

Early Intervention Program: Birth to 5 years old

If you’re concerned that your child may have a developmental delay or learning and attention issues, consider our Early Intervention Program (EIP). Mind Institute’s interdisciplinary Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides early identification, evaluation and intervention for children up to the age of 5 years old and is available in English, Arabic and French. Our team includes a Pediatric Speech Therapist, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Pediatric Psychologist, Behavior Therapist, Play Therapist, Dance Therapist and Early Childhood Education specialists who combine play-based approaches with proven behavioral methods in a mixture of structured and semi-structured activities. Your child will receive a customized comprehensive and coordinated program, tailored to his/her needs to ensure that their social, communication and language, cognitive, self-help and fine/ gross motor developmental milestones are attained and achieved. Our program includes professionals who oversee your child’s progress and modify the program as necessary, always respecting the parents’role.

Tri-lingual Daily Program: Children up to 18 years old

Our Special Education Program and related services are offered both in the morning and afternoon and cater to children of all ages. The program, available in English, Arabic and French,offers a wide range of intensive, individualized interventions designed to remediate learning challenges in children and adolescents. The needs of your child are met through a multi-disciplinary team involving special educators, therapists and support staff. In addition to addressing learning difficulties, the program is also designed for children who may have physical disabilities, sensory impairment, autism,and/or language and communication difficulties.

Our team will demystify your child’s learning challenges and will stimulate awareness of your child’s strengths, so that they can use utilize those strengths to their best advantage to overcome or compensate for areas of weakness.

Our therapists will create and implement an individualized treatment plan that will meet the unique needs of your child, which will include a diverse set of services including speech therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy, dance therapy and psychological counseling if needed.