About Us

Mind Institute is a brand new, state-of-the-art facility that works with children from birth up to 18 years of age with communication difficulties, fine and gross motor challenges, language delays, hearing difficulties, educational problems, behavior disorders, emotional disorders, sensory integration issues, social skills challenges, and more. Our mission is to achieve wholeness in children and adolescents with developmental difficulties through focused assessment, treatment, and individualized learning plans, thereby preparing them to successfully navigate social situations and future academic endeavors.  Mind Institute offers holistic, non-medical daily intervention programs as well as after-school programs using evidence-based, subject-centered approaches in English, French, and Arabic, targeting measurable changes in academic and social performance.

Our Story

Mind Institute was created as a catalyst of demonstrable change for children with special needs and their families. From the same founder that brought you Little Academy Nursery, the leaders of Mind Institute expanded their scope, refined their methods, grew their resources, and most importantly, stayed true to their original purpose and passion: educating children of the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create wholeness and exceptional opportunities for growth in young children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. Through educational activities and evidence-based therapies, Mind Institute allows each child to fully unfold their potential so they can meaningfully participate in life. Whether your child experiences mild learning difficulties, profound cognitive impairment, or has suffered from an accident that has left them immobile, Mind Institute provides the individualized support and clinical excellence they need in a safe and nurturing environment, paving the way for a bright and fulfilling future.

Our Aim

Mind Institute aims to be Qatar’s leading therapy and support center for children and adolescents.

Stay safe
Mind Institute fosters a safe and nurturing environment that promotes security and stability, offering children and adolescents support where it is most needed. Our aim is to build confidence in children and adolescents who respect themselves and each other.

Enjoy and achieve
Mind Institute firmly believes in enjoying childhood/ adolescence and achieving maximum potential. Our wide range of support and therapy services makes this possible